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Do you know someone who might benefit from spending a little time in our shop? Please let them know about us. If you want to know a little more about us before you do, feel free to stop by the shop anytime we’re open. We’re located about a block west of the town square in Monticello, Illinois at 425 W. Washington Street. We’d love to show you what we’re up to. Want to interact with us on social media? We are on Facebook and Instagram. My...

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Students at work! (Eighth grade Art Project)

Last week Jayna joined us at the shop for some help with her eighth grade art project. Students are allowed to let their imaginations go wild and choose materials of their choice. Jayna chose to build a keepsake box for her athletic medals and trophies. While her dad has some woodworking skills and tools, the two of them chose to visit with G2g and use our shop tools and instruction to help further the project along. Jayna’s box would feature a glass enclosed frame for a top with her photo inside, and a 5″ deep interior for storage. She wanted the finished box to be painted...

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Love from the local paper

We were honored a couple of weeks ago to have Amanda Gleason, a reporter with the local Piatt County Journal visit our shop and interview us.  She did a tremendous job of capturing the tone of our conversation and what the shop stands for. Please check it out and comment afterward if you would.  Thanks!...

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Pete Shares His Heart on a Podcast

Port Townsend, WA. I’m five days into a seven day conference on using wooden boat building to feed value into the lives of kids. Five straight days of learning, asking questions and letting the answers macerate together in my mind. It was messy in there for a while but the time away really helped me solidify my vision and goals for the Generation-2-generation (G2g) program.   Rather than read more about the program you can listen to my thoughts in this short podcast interview I did with Dan Mattson from Hooked on Wooden Boats.  This is really a conversation between two friends in a small Mexican restaurant.   Please take some time today (about 30 minutes) while you are driving or doing other chores and give a listen – and then I’d love it if you would comment back on this blog post.  Let’s start a conversation. The links are below either through iTunes or directly from Dan’s web page   What are your thoughts about mentoring in today’s society?   Have a great day!  –  Pete...

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Why we do what we do!

What is G2g all about? Why do we do what we do? By: Pete Bergstrom Passing life experiences and values from “Generation to generation” (G2g) is a worthwhile endeavor. Kids deserve more. Adults need to understand the value of their mentoring to younger generations.   The decline of mentoring in the U.S. has affected current generations of adults and will affect those in the future. Adults who never had a mentor don’t understand the personal growth that comes from these relationships. We generally don’t value what we have never experienced. We don’t know what we don’t know!   I was lucky enough as a teenager to have a mentor. At the time, I didn’t recognize the experience as “mentoring.” I was a 14-year-old guy whose folks had been divorced since I was 10. My dad was only in the picture on weekends. Then Bob, our backdoor neighbor, stepped into my life.   Bob was a sailboat racer. He had a 16-ft. wooden Town Class sailboat that needed a crew of two to race. For some reason, Bob picked me, the backyard neighbor kid with no sailing experience, to be the second person for his crew.   I had never been sailing before in my life, but through Bob’s skill and patience I became a pretty good sailor in my own right. And I learned how to care for a...

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