Author: Pete Bergstrom

How to Conquer Your Wintertime Blues – Build a Boat with Us!

New Boat Projects Getting Started Over the Christmas break we are going to start on two new boat projects to keep us busy through the cold winter months. Black Brant III Duck Hunting Boat – The BBIII (Black Brant III) is a 14′ duck hunting design by Sam Devlin of Devlin Designs in Washington. Built primarily of marine grade plywood in the ‘stitch and glue’ construction method our crew will learn about lofting (or drawing a boat full size from smaller plans), cutting matching plywood sides, epoxy and fiberglass use and techniques, general marine construction and of course, everyone’s...

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Overcommitted? This is what busy looks like –

I have to start with an apology – According to the definition of overcomittment is “to commit more than is feasible, desirable, or necessary.” And that’s where we are st with the shop this month. This is a learning phase for us and we will get through our backlog of items. This is what we have been up to: Incorporating G2g We have finally done it. Our incorporation as a non-profit corporation is complete with Illinois State. New and Current Projects! What have we been doing with our time? Most of it has been taken up with a...

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You’re Nuts! to Start a Boatshop on the Prairie

 How do you start a mentoring project? The same way you start any other project: Define the purpose, pick a specific goal, and decide on the steps necessary to achieve that goal. This is the story of how my first mentoring project started and succeeded.   The Idea  In 2010, while trying to hire an engineer to work with me on RC (radio control) engines, I ran into an unforeseen issue. Most of the newly graduated engineers had little to no hands-on experience with tools. The short story: I decided to do what I could to rectify the situation instead of just complain about it. My purpose was to pass on hand-tool skills...

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Shop Folk! – The People are the Heart of the Program

 I’d like to introduce you to some of the folks that make the shop what it is. Without their help and participation we would not be anywhere near as motivated nor successful. You could find yourself on these pages by Getting Involved! Pete Bergstrom — Pete is the founder and lead mentor of  G2g Wood & Boatworks. He brings a passion for developing positive mentoring attitudes and skills that he has gained from 40 years in business and the marketplace. Following a seven-year stint in the US Army as an AH-1S helicopter pilot, Pete jumped into the entrepreneurial ranks with an aerial photography...

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