Shop Membership

You must complete the appropriate application to receive your shop membership.
Mentor Application (PDF) or Apprentice Application (PDF)

Mentor Shop Membership: $50/mo
All Open Shop Hours.
Must be 18 or over.

Apprentice Shop Membership: $50/mo
All Open Shop Hours.
Must be 14 or over.

Apprentice Classes

Apprentice Application (PDF) 

To be announced.

Mentor Classes

Mentor Application (PDF)

To be announced.

Complete the Apprentice Application (PDF) or the Mentor Application (PDF) to apply. Mail or drop off your completed application with class fee(s) to 425 W. Washington St. Monticello, IL. Make all checks payable to G2g Wood & Boatworks. Email,, or call, 217.866.1945, with any questions.