Port Townsend, WA. I’m five days into a seven day conference on using wooden boat building to feed value into the lives of kids. Five straight days of learning, asking questions and letting the answers macerate together in my mind. It was messy in there for a while but the time away really helped me solidify my vision and goals for the Generation-2-generation (G2g) program.
Rather than read more about the program you can listen to my thoughts in this short podcast interview I did with Dan Mattson from Hooked on Wooden Boats.  This is really a conversation between two friends in a small Mexican restaurant.
Please take some time today (about 30 minutes) while you are driving or doing other chores and give a listen – and then I’d love it if you would comment back on this blog post.  Let’s start a conversation. The links are below either through iTunes or directly from Dan’s web page
What are your thoughts about mentoring in today’s society?
Have a great day!  –  Pete