I have to start with an apology – According to Dictionary.com the definition of overcomittment is “to commit more than is feasible, desirable, or necessary.” And that’s where we are st with the shop this month. This is a learning phase for us and we will get through our backlog of items. This is what we have been up to:
Incorporating G2g
We have finally done it. Our incorporation as a non-profit corporation is complete with Illinois State.
New and Current Projects!
What have we been doing with our time? Most of it has been taken up with a great commission for a custom built-in corner desk and bookcase. This will be a floor to ceiling unit with base cabinets, a great desktop and bookcases that stretch across and around a 9 x 7 room. All done in a beautiful knotty pine finish. We have spent hours upon hours staining and lacquering all the wood and components prior to putting the actual components together. Taking the time to pre-finsh will always result in a much better and more even appearance on the finished project.
We’ve also been working on a great sliding barn door for another customer to keep the laundry room noises out of her kitchen. We are making this from reclaimed cedar deck wood generously donated to us this past summer. Finished in true boat fashion with teak colored varnish the color and tones brought out in this wood are very beautiful.
Success breeds success. One of our local Artisans Kelly of Canvas & Corks has been very successful with her one night art classes. So successful that she needs another ten easels for future classes. We put our heads together and changed her existing design slightly to accommodate some smaller canvases for her kids classes. Also made from our reclaimed decking they are turning out with a great organic feel to them.
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God Bless!